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More films at Namibia Film week

The November edition of the Namibia film week is finally here, and this time it is packed with even more of Namibia’s finest film productions.
Having started this week, the film gala continues until next week Thursday, 22 November. Screening is daily from 09:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon. The festival is spread over two venues, the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) Cinema, and the Goethe Centre.
This month’s screening has films like All She Ever Wanted by Errol Geingob, Try by Joel Haikali, 100 Bucks by Oshosheni Hiveluah, My Beautiful Nightmare by Perivi John Katjavivi and Dead River by Tim Huebschle. The five films will also be screened open air at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre Terrace.
The Namibia Film Week is an 11 day film screening event initiated by the Filmmaker’s Association of Namibia (FAN) and the Namibia Film Commission (NFC). Screenings feature Namibian short and documentary films produced between December 2010 and June 2012. Leading up to the Namibian Theatre and Film Awards 2012, these screenings are an opportunity to view the movies that are in the race for top honours in the local film industry.
The film week started with the premiere of ‘Taste of Rain’ which tells the tale of Tomas, Rachel’s husband who struggles to keep the farm going. Of all the farm workers only old Lena, a Nama woman, still lives there. When their borehole runs dry Tomas leaves the farm in search of water. Rachel remains behind with old Lena. While Tomas is away, Ray, a black man, arrives on the farm. He is a geologist from the drought relief programme, charts the geological formations and divines for water.
Believing that he has located water Ray brings his drilling team to the farm. The drillers find water and Rachel follows her growing attraction to Ray. He makes her feel alive again. When Tomas returns to the farm Rachel is unable to let go of the man who has brought her back to life. She leaves her husband to join Ray. Everything explodes in her face when they meet Shaanika, a person from Ray’s past. Something terrible connects Ray with Shaanika. Before Rachel has the chance to understand what this is, Ray disappears. She goes in search of Ray and finds him but they cannot be together. Instead her journey takes her to a memory that has been tearing her life apart.
‘Taste of Rain’ will also be screened on Tuesday 20 November at the Goethe Centre as well as at the FNCC cinema on 21 November. The FNCC Cinema is hosting the Wednesday evening screenings on 21 November as well as an open air screening on the FNCC terrace this Friday 16 November. Entrance for Friday’s screenings at the FNCC terrace is N$20, and entrance to the screening of ‘Taste of Rain’ is free.

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