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Cattle sold in 2017 increased by 30% – Meat Board

Cattle sold in 2017 increased by 30% – Meat Board

The Meat Board of Namibia this week said that the country sold approximately 421,000 cattle in 2017 a 30% increase compared to sales recorded in 2016 of 293,000 cattle.

The Meat Board said a total of 313,000 cattle, supported by a 34% price increase since 2016 have been exported to South African feedlots, while 172,000 cattle have been slaughtered at local abattoirs. The average B2-cattle meat prices at export abattoirs increased with 16% in 2017.

Meanwhile, the total sheep marketing in 2017 increased with 2% as 394,000 sheep were exported while 310,000 were slaughtered locally. The average A2 sheep carcass price increased with 16% in 2017.

Furthermore, the Meat Board said that the country has gained the increases despite three years of relentless drought and economic slowdown.

However, it has been noted that there should be a thorough dialogue between the government and meat producers for the industry to stay profitable, competitive with added value to the products.

Meanwhile, the Meat Board announced that for the purposes of planning all livestock producers, abattoirs or slaughtering facilities, exporters or dealers of livestock or livestock products to register at with its office for the 2018/2019 period. The application forms can also be acquired at agents such as Agra Auctions, NLA; Karoo Ochse, Kaap Agri and WLA.

With this registration producers will receive their producer numbers which are annually renewable.



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