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Rental sharks must be nabbed!!!

To the editor,
“Hi Guys this room is still avail,can move in anytime – N$2100.00,Khd near park foods – room is inside a flat,cal 0813555587 for viewing”
This is one of many posts in a popular group on Facebook titled “rent a room,flat,house” that prompted me to write this letter. First question before you even continue reading this letter, does the above post make any economic or humane sense? While you think about that, let me bombard you with a few realities. How on earth does one pay N$2100 for a room inside a flat in Khomasdal? How? This shark attempts to extort money from honest hard working youthful Namibians need to see end. The ACC prides itself for nabbing Angolans/Namibians for fake certificates, diploma’s and degrees while they should actually be investigating how landlords of this property can allow such practices on their premises.
However, one needs to note that this is but one of many rental shark examples. This is but a tip of the sweet honey and sugar mountain. A simple click unto Facebook or a walk in town and you will be braced by relentless rental notices that can give the very healthy athlete a stroke!!!
I am calling for a regulatory arm that will work towards curbing these prices and thus instil prices on clearly defined and gazetted merit and not on inflating prices to fund your illegal shabeen in the slums of Ombili!!! And don’t you dare tell me “why aren’t you doing something about it” or “don’t ask what you can do for your country but ask rather what you can do for your country” its nonsense!!!
Any hardworking youthful Namibian (or Foreign because they also suffer from the same fate) will tell you endless tales at a gathering around a well-orchestrated fire on a chilly evening with a good old tea in a damara cup about how ridiculously difficult it is to get to speak to the right people who are critical to issues of this regard.
I will keep propagating for youthful matters and land regulation in this country. And no, I do not believe in joining these useless youth leagues who call themselves comrades…very silly! Give the youth, the real youth that is; a platform as the people who are supposedly appointed to propagate for our agendas is like the residents of Walvis Bay hoping to receive rain!!!
Yours in Economic Emancipation
Naobeb se Kind
Unam Radio Presenter
(Letter published unchanged – Ed.)

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