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Unlocking the wonders of science for keen learners

Unlocking the wonders of science for keen learners

Learners from Dawid Bezuidenhout Secondary School in Khomasdal and nine other schools were treated to a Super Science Day last week.

The event which was called Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) was put together by B2Gold Namibia and Colorado State University (CSU) and approximately 1500 learners between the ages of 8 and 17 years old were in awe as natural wonders of creation were unlocked at the event.

Each learner received a backpack with educational gadgets to demonstrate physic concepts and hands-on physics experiments were created. They were also shown how to have fun learning about physic and science principles using everyday local materials and doing so in a fun and creative manner.

The programme aimed to demonstrate to students and teachers that ‘science is something anyone can do’ and this is accomplished by allowing participants to act as scientists and to freely explore, engage and discover and find creative ways to share the wonder of science. The Little Shop of Physic founders believe and demonstrate that anyone, at any age, and from any cultural background, can understand science on many different levels.

Sherri Lytle, Corporate Social Responsibly Project Consultant for B2Gold Namibia said the day would not have been possible without support. “This incredible event could not have happened without the support from Sunshine Tour and Principal Mbeeli of Dawid Bezuidenhout Secondary School and thank you for making it all happen, it was magic,” she concluded.


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