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Midgard Country Estate Solar power plant to save millions in electricity costs

Midgard Country Estate Solar power plant to save millions in electricity costs

In an effort to save N$17 million in electricity cost and thousands of tons of carbon dioxide over the next 25 years, the Midgard Country Estate constructed a new solar power plant of 128 kilowatt at peak output, recently.

Managing Director of Ohlthaver and List (O&L) Leisure (custodian of Midgard Country Estate), Terence Makari, said the power plant is part of the company’s journey to going green. The plant was constructed by the strategic partner of O&L Energy, Cronimet Mining Power Solutions.

“We are passionately committed to the O&L Group Vision Metric of reducing our carbon footprint by 20% by 2019. The solar power plant at Midgard which has been in operation since 21 December 2017 is only the beginning of our journey towards adjusting our electricity usage to a more environmental friendly system across the O&L Leisure portfolio,” Makari said during the official handing-over of the plant.

The N$4 million Solar Power Plant at Midgard is partly subsidized by Cronimet Mining Power Solutions’ development programme together with the German Investment & Development Organization on condition that the plant be used as a demonstration installation for training purposes to universities, programmes and individuals.

The plant intertwines with the current renovation process underway at the famous establishment. The first phase of the renovation master plan for Midgard entails minor renovations to existing structures and the removal of certain absolute structures.

“The renovations are being done to revitalize, upgrade and enhance our guests’ experience, and to return Midgard to its former glory where memories have been created amongst friends and family, and to bring the property on par with the others within the O&L Leisure portfolio,” Makari said.

Meanwhile, O&L Energy CEO, Bernd Walbaum added that a significant aspect of the power plant is the speciality service which includes a Monitoring and Energy Management System designed to optimally manage power consumption of the lodge.

“The production of electricity at Midgard will thus be optimized by the system to suit the demand. The system can also manage energy consumption, thus contributing significantly, and even further to cost-saving on electricity usage,” Walbaum said.

He further stated that Cronimet Mining Power Solutions is currently constructing another larger solar power plant at the Etosha Mokuti Lodge, which is expected to be operational later this month. Mokuti Lodge is also an upmarket establishment in the O&L Leisure stable.


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