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A one-stop website for tourists and travellers

A one-stop website for tourists and travellers

The internet has become an extremely useful tool for travellers and tourists, which is why Namibia Tourism Meeting Point offers a platform for travellers to find their way around the country.

Being in existence for about 4 years, the point acts as a meeting point for all tourism stakeholders and according to Victoria David, Communications Executive of the project, the need for the platform arose due to the number of increasing tourists interested in coming to the country.

David added that the initiative had to be implemented in order to promote and market local tourism on an international level.

“This Africa gem of ours has a lot of popular tourist destinations such as Sossusvlei, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, and many others. We are of the opinion that if most information about Namibia can be found easily on search engines such as Google, the tourism sector will boom,” David said.

Overall, the country’s tourism sector has been performing better than the previous 3 to 4 years and a positive outlook is expected in the sector throughout the year. Namibia is a one of the prime destinations in Africa and is known for its eco-tourism which features an extensive wildlife. The sector plays a vital role in the general economy, with over one million tourists visiting the country annually.

Furthermore, apart from providing general information about Namibia, listing top destinations, attractions and adventure activities, the project exposes local service providers in the travel and tourism sector to clients and also provides such clients with a platform to make bookings and reservations online.

“The project will be adding more value to Namibia as a country. Whether its from a marketing perspective, economically, and general exposure,” David noted.

The project is open to everyone who is interested in travelling and tourism related information, while people interested in Namibia as a country can take part in this project.

“We urge all tourism stakeholders to get involved and support the project as we are of the opinion that together we do better. The project requires collective effort and it is beneficial to everybody involved,” David added.

For listing information, stakeholders can visit namibiatourism.NET



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