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Water-efficient gardens help conserve the little resources available

Water-efficient gardens help conserve the little resources available

Garden Guys Landscaping, owned by Alan de Bever is transforming gardens into ‘waterwise’ gardens that thrive in the country’s arid climate without using a lot of water especially in Windhoek.

Waterwise gardens are an alternative to the traditional gardens as they use drought-tolerant plants to create a sustainable landscape while conserving water and are economically viable.

With water being a scarce commodity in Namibia, Garden Guys Landscaping advises clients on the efficient and effective irrigation systems to use, which also at the same time conserve the limited water resources.

The company over the years worked on project that need their irrigation systems to be of the highest standard and fully automated if desired.

De Bever said due to the recurring droughts, his company has focused on water wise gardening, where clients have been assisted with installations and plant choices, to make their gardens a remarkable aspect of their homes while efficiently using water.

According to de Bever, the company has also started supplying and installing green houses for food and ornamental plant production best suited to the dry climate.

De Bever said that in the future the company is eyeing organic gardening, supplying heirloom vegetable seeds and establishing an urban vegetable farming sector using modern farming techniques that are more efficient and productive.

“By doing this we will be giving people tools and knowledge to start vegetable gardens and therefore they become more healthy by having access to organic home-grown vegetables, fruits and herbs,” he said.

Currently Garden Guys employs and trains locals because it is essential for them to develop and train its employees so that they and the business can improve, diversify their skill-set and grow.



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