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Farmers get funding for community garden projects

Farmers get funding for community garden projects

Farmers in the Omaheke Region recently received a donation of N$650,000 for the development of a community garden from Erongo Marine Enterprises and the Centre for Resource and Transformation (CERET).

The Hukus community, from the region, received farming equipment and facilities for the development of the garden in their community. The project will run for three years and will initially benefit 18 households directly and 30 household by the end of the project.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau said the gardening project is one of the ways in which revenue from fisheries resources contributes to solving the challenges faced by impoverished communities across the country.

Esau added that he was hopeful the beneficiaries will use the opportunity to set up more gardens in the area, thereby producing enough food to feed the community and even sell to other areas.

Through the project, community members will be trained in good agricultural practices in areas such as irrigation; water, pest and disease control; and nursery and seedbed preparation techniques for the production of fruit and vegetables.



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