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Law Society director becomes president of international body for legal regulators

Law Society director becomes president of international body for legal regulators

The International Institute of Law Association Chief Executives last week announced that a Namibian lawyer will become its new president, effective 01 February 2018.

Retha Steinmann, the Director of the Law Society of Namibia, who was first elected to the association’s executive committee in 2008, is the international body’s incumbent vice president. She was elected to this position in 2016. According to the association’s constitution, the elected vice president is the designated successor for the position of president.

Currently, Mrs Steinmann is the only African serving on the institute’s executive committee, and she will be the first African to become the international law institute’s president.

The current president, German lawyer Cord Brügmann made the official announcement in a press statement circulated late last week.

The institute, known by its acronym, Iilace, is an association of chief executives of law regulators and bar associations from all over the world. At their most recent conference in November this year, chief executives of law organisations in more than 35 countries representing an estimated 1.5 million lawyers, attended to discuss executive and strategic issues in the legal profession.

Brügmann said “Mrs Steinmann has been a dedicated member for over 15 years, her long experience as Director of the Law Society of Namibia will benefit the organization greatly.”

On 01 February 2018, the Executive Committee of Iilace will be made up of Mrs Steinmann as President, Paula Littlewood (Vice President) from the Washington State Bar Association, Heidi Chu (Secretary/Treasurer) from the Law Society of Hong Kong, with Christine Grice from the New Zealand Law Society, and Paul Mollerup from the Association of Danish Law firms serving as officers at large. The newest committee member is Jonathan Herman from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, who was elected at the Annual General Meeting in London, on 04 November 2017.

Iilace supports the role of law societies and bar associations and promotes the rule of law.

Captured at their recent annual conference in London, the executive committee of the International Institute of Law Association Chief Executives, from the left, John Hoyles (Iilace Secretary General) Paul Mollerup, Christine Grice, Paula Littlewood, Retha Steinmann, Heidi Chu, Cord Brügmann and Jonathan Herman.



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