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Interim protection orders available this festive season

Interim protection orders available this festive season

The Office of the Judiciary announced that a Pilot Project for the facilitation of urgent interim protection orders during the festive season is currently underway countrywide.

Peter Shivute, Chief Justice has been prompted by the scourge of gender and domestic violence in the local society to avail such a service to those who fall victim.

The Office of the Judiciary has also found out that during the festive season this scourge is heightened by the use and abuse of alcohol and other substance.

According to Shivute, a dedicated court team has been identified and is available to assist any victim of such domestic or gender based violence outside of the normal court day at the respective courts in the country, because of the influence of substance abuse which has a devastating effect on those most vulnerable in society and at times is fatal.

Victims of such violence are hereby informed that they may apply for immediate relief by obtaining an interim protection order provided that the legal requirements are met.

Furthermore, the Namibian Police force Officers are also ready to respond to such complaints at the respective police stations.

The Office of the Judiciary said that the service is available during weekends and on public holidays from 18 December to 15 January 2018. This project is a collaboration between the Office of the Judiciary and the Namibia Police Force.



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