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Pre-owned down from last year

Owner of Dub Motors CC, Doepie Du Buisson. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)

Owner of Dub Motors CC, Doepie Du Buisson. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)

According to well-known car dealer and owner of Dub Motors CC, Mr Doepie Du Buisson, the local pre-owned car market is favourable and his company has grown significantly over the last couple of years.
“Business is good and because of the fact that we are diverse in our products in the sense that we do not concentrate on one specific brand, clients keep coming back to us. And we have cases of selling three to four cars to the same client, eventually, because we offer good service.”
Now twelve years in existence, Dub Motors expanded operations in the sense that they started off very small but has now grown into a car dealership of note based on the variety of car choices they offer to customers. “When we started, we had very few cars in stock and only as the business grew did we buy more stock and at this stage that we are in, our floor gets packed to capacity.”
He said although business has gone a bit down in comparison to last year, sales are still stable and the economic crisis has not hit them hard. “Our sales are a bit less than last year but it is not so serious because there are companies that have been impacted even worse.”
Dub Motors sells between fifteen and twenty cars per month and also sells pre-owned motorbikes on a consignment basis. “Our motorbikes are slow on sales because the demand is not so much as for cars. Demand for cars is always better than for bikes. As a result we only sell about three to four motorbikes  per month.”
Although describing business as [still] good, Du Buisson acknowledges the noticeable slump in car sales this year compared to last year. “Such sales in the industry are to be expected because of the sluggish economic situation although it has not heavily affected us. “Our only hope is to keep on doing business and continue growing as survival is the most important aspect at this point in time which has proven a challenge, not only to our dealership but to other companies as well.”
Underscoring his focus on growth is the fact that Dub Motors started with two employees. Today the dealership employs ten people on a permanent basis.
Dub Motors CC does not specialise in single marques. They offer all popular brands such as Volkswagen and Toyota as well as many others. Reminding other dealers why these two are the two biggest carmakers worldwide, Du Buisson said they always attract the most clients regardless of the profile of any other brand.
Dub Motors offers after hours support and recovery service, and have their own workshop at the premises.

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