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Get a great deal at Hannic Motors

Wang Hansong, general manager and Marshall Feris, sales manager of Hannic Motors. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

Wang Hansong, general manager and Marshall Feris, sales manager of Hannic Motors. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

Hannic Motors, a motor dealer which specialises in all vehicles that can be used for business is offering a cash-back deal or N$5000 to N$50,000 discount to customers who purchase vehicles between now and 21 December.
Hannic Motors is located at the corner of Garten Street and Rev Micheal Scott Street (opposite City of Windhoek) for the past 9 years and offers their customers a wide range of Jinbei and Chana brands of delivery vehicles, tippers, trucks as well as mini buses.
“We have two dealerships, the Chana, a dealership that we took over recently, and Jinbei, which is our flagship marque” said Hannic sales manager, Marshall Feris. “We have only had the contract with Chana for eight months and we started by selling the well-known 1-ton Chana mini truck.” The Jinbei is a combination of a Chinese and a Toyota model. “This is our most popular small truck.”
According to Feris, the company provides a warranty on all its vehicles, stocks all the vehicle parts and run a fully equipped workshop. “Our vehicle warranty on the engine and gear box is 100,000 km or 2 years and on the mini buses it is 3 years or 100,000 km. Our vehicles makes good delivery vehicles and are also very economic because they save on fuel. They can also be financed through the banks,” he said.
He said, sales have been picking up since they appointed service agents all around the country because currently, they only have the Windhoek branch. This extended their marketing reach to the whole country.
“We are planning to open Hannic Motors branches all over the country in the next five years. In the meantime we have service agents in Otjiwarongo, Walvis Bay and up North in Rundu,” he added. Currently, Hannic employs eight people.
Vehicles sold at Hannic Motors include the 2012 Jinbei 15-seater mini bus, the 2012 JBC tipper, the 2012 Jinbei truck, the 2012 Chana mini truck, the 2012 JBC single cab bakkie, the 2012 Jinbei minibus, and the Jinbei panelvan.

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