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812 entries received for the NAMA awards

812 entries received for the NAMA awards

Organisers for the NAMA Awards announced that a total of 812 entries were received for the ceremony event set for 28 April 2018.

Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, Executive Chairperson of the NAMA’s said this was indeed remarkable and impressive considering that they have tweaked the format of categories for the pending awards slightly differently which included a drop in some of the categories.

“Amongst the notable changes, was the reversion to a none day event for 2018, a departure from the two-days-two-event, whole weekend fiesta it had adopted since 2014,” she explained.

The committee said that this are not the final entries as yet, what remains now is for them to meet behind closed doors to go through each and every entry to ensure it complies with all the rules. They encourage different town councils and municipalities to submit their bids to host the country’s premier music event.

The entries received were, Best Damara Punch 16, Best Afrikaans 8, Best Oviritijie 15, Best Sokous/Kwasa 25, Best Afro Pop 65, Best Gospel 38, Best Kwaito 34, Best R&B 36, Best Hip Hop 59, Best House 22, Best Reggae 38, Best Traditional 37, Best Video 97, Best Single 115, Best Collaboration 142 and Best Producer 39.



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