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Exclusive SUV with V8 biturbo engine

The new Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG, an exclusive SUV with a V8 biturbo engine.

The new Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG, an exclusive SUV with a V8 biturbo engine.

The new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG stands for efficiency and performance, exclusivity and a superlative driving experience.
The new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG will be launched at N$1,380,000. According to the Top of the Range Sales Manager, Fabion Hamunyuela,the first vehicle will be delivered in the country in January next year.
Running on 11.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, the high-performance SUV undercuts its predecessor by 28%. The basis for low fuel consumption and top-class performance is provided by the AMG 5.5-litre V8 biturbo engine with a maximum power output of 386 kW and a peak torque of 700 newton metres, representing an increase of 11kW and 70 newton metres. The optional AMG Performance package boosts the V8 engine’s power output to 410kW and its maximum torque to 760 newton metres.
The AMG Ride Control sports suspension with newly developed Active Curve System for active roll stabilisation, the AMG-specific design and the broad scope of standard equipment and appointments make for a highly attractive overall package.
The new ML 63 AMG comes with an exciting technology package: the AMG 5.5-litre V8 Biturbo engine features spray-guided direct petrol injection with piezo injectors, ECO start/stop system, an all-aluminium crankcase, four valves per cylinder with camshaft adjustment, air-water intercooling and alternator management.
Both variants of the ML 63 AMG enable sports-car performance: acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes 4.8 seconds and 4.7 seconds respectively, while the top speed stands at 250 km/h (electronically limited).
Efficient and Variable: AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic
Power is transmitted to all four permanently driven wheels by the AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic. Featuring three modes and an automatic double-declutching function for downshifting, this seven-speed automatic transmission offers a fascinatingly broad scope of variability. In “Controlled Efficiency” (C) mode the ECO start/stop function is active, shutting down the eight-cylinder engine when the vehicle is stationary. A green “ECO” symbol in the AMG instrument cluster indicates to the driver that the ECO start/stop function is active.
In the Sport (S) and Manual (M) modes the ECO start/stop function is inactive and the engine-transmission combination displays far greater agility. A brief and exactly defined retardation of ignition and injection during upshifting at full load additionally provides for shorter shift times here.
Specific AMG styling with trim in matt silver chrome
The design of the new ML 63 AMG exudes self-confidence, athleticism and power. The AMG body styling dominates the front view: under the radiator grille with louvres painted in high-gloss black and the large Mercedes star is a large cooling air intake. Together with the two outer air intakes, the central radiator grille provides for an effective flow of air to the water, engine oil, charge-air and transmission oil coolers.
Fitted at the bottom of the AMG front apron is a trim strip in matt silver chrome, which lends the front a wider appearance while harmonising with the surrounds of the daytime running lamps in the side cooling air intakes. The headlamps cut a particularly high-quality and exclusive figure in combination with the optional Intelligent Light System (ILS). The AMG front apron is integrated with the distinctive front wings, which are 10 millimetres wider on either side in order to accommodate the large AMG light-alloy wheels in elegant fashion. “V8 Biturbo” logos identify the vehicle as the flagship AMG model in the M-Class. Dynamically profiled AMG side sill panels establish a visual link between the front and rear of the vehicle.
Safety of the very highest calibre
The new ML 63 AMG is the embodiment of the Mercedes Benz holistic safety concept of Real Life Safety, which is derived primarily from what happens in a real accident situation. The extremely robust passenger compartment, together with the front and rear deformation zones, forms an effective basis for the occupant protection systems.
Up to nine airbags, activated on demand in accordance with the accident type and accident severity, can reduce the loads exerted on the occupants. In addition to active safety systems such as the standard-fit Brake Assist (BAS) or the optional BAS PLUS, which can help to prevent an accident or reduce the severity of an accident, the new M-Class features further enhanced passive-safety measures to help protect pedestrians.
Both active safety and driver-fitness safety are improved by assistance systems that will already be familiar, primarily from the S-Class and E-Class. The standard equipment package includes the drowsiness detection system Attention Assist, the anticipatory safety system PRE-SAFE® and a tyre pressure monitoring system, as well as adaptive brake lights and the ESP® Electronic.

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