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The jury is still out on who are the best welders, men or women?

The jury is still out on who are the best welders, men or women?

Four young men and two young women have just completed the 20-week Learn to Weld training programme offered by Kraatz at its training facility in Walvis Bay.

Martha Kweenda and Emilia Eliaser, the two females in the six-man group of apprentices, now enter the professional world with a professional certificate, qualifying them as basic welders. They are joined by a more conventional four men, Simon Paulus, Reynold Augustus, Angelo Maasdorp and Linekela Matheus.

The six apprentices are the latest to complete the welding course which has been offered for two years. Some twenty students have successfully completed the training to date.

The Kraatz Welding School runs the 20-week training programme in partnership with the Young Africa Trust. The course covers both theoretical and practical work. A small part of the training teaches the student about entrepreneurship, for those who feel confident to start their own small workshops.

Kraatz Human Capital Manager, Roberto January said “The Learn to Weld programme is our contribution to growth-at-home and to build our economy. Vocational training plays a significant role in the future of Namibia’s economy, and for the future of companies such as Kraatz. We identified the need for vocational skills which led to the purchase of a welding simulator more than two years ago. We are excited to teach young Namibians skills that can enable them to grow professionally and in business.”

Director of Young Africa Namibia, Yvette Bellens-Bosma, commended Kraatz for their commitment to training saying “together we give them the technical skills, life skills and entrepreneurship skills to give them hope, direction, confidence and determination to build a better future for themselves and their communities. The feedback we get from the students is always very positive and our tracer studies show that they are more likely to find work or continue with further studies than before they joined the programme”.

Any school leaver between 19 and 25 with a Grade 12 certificate and good results in mathematics and physical science, can apply for admission to the Kraatz Welding School.

Caption: From the left, Kraatz General Manager: Marine & Offshore, Kobie Potgieter, with new welders Martha Kweenda, Linekela Matheus, Angelo Maasdorp, Emilia Eliaser, Reynold Augustus and Simon Paulus. The company’s Human Capital Manager, Roberto January stands on the right.



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