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Tractor assembly plant in pipeline

Tractor assembly plant in pipeline

TEHRAN, — Iran is in negotiations to manufacture tractors in Namibia, Financial Tribune daily reported this week.

A business delegation from Tabriz city in northern Iran is in Windhoek to finalize a contract to roll off tractor assembly plant either in Windhoek or Walvis Bay in Namibia.

“A delegation from Iran has been in Windhoek since two months ago and they have seen the sites that could be allocated for that purpose,” Vahid Karimi, the ambassador of Iran to Namibia, was quoted as saying.

“It could either be in Windhoek or Walvis Bay, but it all depends on the (Iranian) company to have the final decision. I think if everything goes well, within a year we could have the first production of tractors in Namibia,” Karimi said.

“The planned tractor assembly plant will help create jobs and help in the transfer of knowledge and skills. In the agriculture area, I am sure it will create lots of jobs in the African country,” he said.

Iranian president is keen to boost trade and diplomatic relations with the African nations, and in this vein, he gave the assurance, the ambassador said.

“I’m trying to bring more Iranians here, now the priority of my present government is Africa, so they are coming to African countries in big numbers where they are engaged in business,” he added.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif led a high-ranking politico-economic delegation to Africa last month.

According to Foreign Ministry’s Director General of Africa Department Mehdi Aqa-Jafari, the African tour, the third such visit in the last four years, indicates Iran’s determination to put promotion of wide-ranging ties with the continent on top of its agenda. (Xinhua).



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