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Gamsberg mine set to be one of Africa’s most digitally advanced mining operations

Gamsberg mine set to be one of Africa’s most digitally advanced mining operations

Vedanta Zinc International (VZI), a major zinc producer, with interests in the Skorpion Zinc Mine and refinery in the Karas region, this week said their Gamsberg Mine in South Africa will be one of Africa’s most digitally advanced mining operations.

According to the company, mining companies around the world are abandoning traditional business models and embracing new technologies and ways of working. “As one of the most digitally advanced new mining projects in Africa, Gamsberg’s design and construction has aimed to be at the forefront of this digitalisation revolution from the start of operation,” the company said.

Earlier this month Vedanta, announced a significant collaboration initiative between global innovation giant, GE, and leading mining software developer, MineRP. The first component of this collaboration will be the launch of ‘Smart Ore Movement’ at Gamsberg, with more developments to follow in the coming months.

The company in a statement said, the concept of ‘Smart Ore Movement’ centres on the need to ensure that all available information about the state of the mine, the quality of ore, the conditions of the concentrator and the value of the product are not only made available to the mine management team in real-time, but that the information is presented in such a way that it allows for minute-by-minute decision-making.

The ‘Smart Ore Movement’ initiative allows business information to be derived from spatial data which has its source in disparate and standalone systems that will, provide the ability to blend near real-time and manage adherence to the plan and ensure effective grade control, allow continuous spatial reconciliation of actual production against plan.

The initiative will allow the Gamsberg management team to apply appropriate operational insight and to ultimately co-act with the mining contractor to effectively manage the mine’s key performance indicators which are critical levers influencing the variance between the predicted and actual mine feed to plant.

Ultimately, Gamsberg is aiming to be a ‘best-in-class’ operation – one that is safe, efficient and sustainable, and that delivers benefits to a broad range of stakeholders.



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