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After 35 years the bank is still my first-love job

After 35 years the bank is still my first-love job

Four bankers who have been working for the same bank for 35 years uninterrupted and another who made the 30-year mark, were honoured last week for their tremendous contribution, and sacrifice of a significant part of their lives, by their employer.

At the annual Long Service awards of Standard Bank, Maria de Klerk, Marianna Mouton, Frederika Mostert and Letricia Janse van Vuuren, each received a special token of appreciation for their unwavering commitment to their employer over half a lifetime. Tomas Ndeshipanda, not far behind, was recognised for his 30 years service.

The bank said the long service awards are highly anticipated by the bank’s staff. The awards recognise the employer’s contribution and they show the bank’s gratitude for their years of unwavering service. Their outstanding long-service record confirms the bank’s view that its human capital is its most important and valuable resource.

The Head of Human Capital, Isdor Angula, said he is elated that over 200 employees received recognition for between 5 and 35 years of service which he described as a signal that the bank is a preferred employer for many bankers.

“I’m very pleased to mark this milestone event with all of you. In fact, I am very proud of you because it takes a whole lot of stamina, dedication, loyalty and love for your job to be recognized for your long service of work at Standard Bank. For most of you Standard Bank was and still is your first love. It is an honour to acknowledge our valuable employees for the memorable years they have worked tirelessly in moving Standard Bank forward,” said Angula.

“As devoted employees you have come a long way with the blue bank and this event is just a token of appreciation in thanking you for your positive contribution and hard work for the success of Standard Bank and encourage you all to continue keeping up the standard of great work by living up to our brand promise of moving Standard Bank forward,” he continued.

Pictured at Standard Bank’s Long Service awards, from the left, Letricia Janse van Vuuren (35 years); Tomas Ndeshipanda (30 years); Frederika Mostert (35 years); Marianna Mouton (35 years); Maria de Klerk (35 years) and the bank’s Head of Human Capital, Isdor Angula.



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