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Jade medical aid option ideal for younger working professionals

Jade medical aid option ideal for younger working professionals

The exorbitant costs of medical aid cover has forced the industry to redesign packages to make it more affordable for younger working people. Namibia Medical Care has taken the lead among medical aid funds announcing this week the launch of its new medical aid option under the label Jade.

Namibia Medical Care said this comprehensive medical aid product offers a unique combination of benefits for young healthy active families in need of quality medical services at an affordable premium.

Principal Officer, Ms Alison Begley said after assessing the needs and desires of young people and single-parent households, the fund designed a health product that accommodates a different demographic, mainly those on-the‐go, who often do not have other suitable options when it comes to medical aid cover.

With Jade, Namibia Medical Care is moving away from the one‐size‐fits‐all approach as Jade is structured to have a main member and or another adult and children to make health care cover accessible to young professionals.

“During the realignment process of our offerings we came up with Jade aimed specifically at Namibia’s young professionals, the youth, single‐parent households and young couples. Taking into account the current economic scenario, we designed Jade so that it is affordable as an exciting and attractive product with a low level entry premium for the younger generation,” said Begley.

“This new offering is tailor‐made for a specific younger clientele to join the NMC family by choosing the medical aid option that fits perfectly into their lifestyle. That’s why we call it the option with a difference,” said Mrs Begley.

Namibia Medical Care is canvassing members for Jade at this current moment as the fund starts operating on 01 January 2018.

Namibia Medical Care said they do an annual assessment of the economic climate and the affordability of medical aid cover to enable prospective fund members to make better and informed choices when it comes to living healthier lifestyles. This they do by amending existing schemes and coming up with innovative offerings and other benefits.

“We foresee huge potential in the Jade product offering, and hope this will significantly enhance our service offering to both our existing and incoming clients and also to our stakeholders we work with in the health sector,” she said.



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