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Swakop hosts Speed Badminton event

The first- ever Speed Badminton tournament in Namibia will be held in Swakopmund next month
The tournament, which will be played on 3 November, will be part of the HOPE2012 event organised to raise funds for the Walfish-bay Kids Haven children’s home.
The agent of Speed Badminton in Namibia, Björn Magg said since Speed Badminton is still new in Namibia, the tournament will target beginners as well as professionals. “Everyone who can hold a racket will be able to partake at the Speed Badminton. It is very easy to learn.”
The tournament will be held in line with international Speed Badminton rules, but organisers says the main aim is for participants to have fun.
There will also be an allocated area for people who want  to try out Speed Badminton.
Equipment for the event will be provided by Speedminton. As there are no playing surface specifications and no net is needed, Speed Badminton can be played anywhere. “This is what makes it so special compared to other racket sports,” said Magg.
The shuttlecocks, referred to as a speeder, can reach speeds of up to 290 km/h and fly up to 30 metres  far. This patented speeder is heavier and thus more wind resistant than the conventional Badminton shuttlecock.
HOPE2012 is organised in order to raise funds for the Walfish-bay Kids Haven children’s home.
The participation fee of N$30  per person will all go to the Kids Haven children’s home. Registration is open until 02 November.

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