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Better grip on Adult Education through new information management system

Better grip on Adult Education through new information management system

The Directorate of Adult Education in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture battled to keep track of programmes and individuals but a local ICT company solved many of the problems by developing a simple App to manage the ministry’s data base.

The App developed by Green Enterprise Solutions, called the Adult Education Information Management System, was launched last week after about 25 ministry staff members were trained how to use the system. Through this web-based solution developed for a Microsoft platform, the App keeps record of adult learners’ enrollment, attendance and performance It also keeps a record of all educational material received. It can be accessed from anywhere by ministry officials.

Green Enterprise Solutions said that having access to relevant information, knowing how and where possible challenges may arise and being able to analyse data anywhere in the country at any of the Directorate’s offices means that tweaks to the systems and methods of teaching can be implemented at lightning speed.

Managing Director designate, Mr Kehad Snydewel said the Adult Education Information Management System was designed and delivered by a 100% local team. “As a Namibian ICT services company, we believe in Namibia’s potential and this project is definitive proof that Namibia can deliver high tech solutions.”

“The Directorate of Adult Education now has an extremely powerful tool to assist them in fighting numeracy and literacy deficiencies” said Director Beans Ngatjizeko adding that and efficient data system is critical to combat illiteracy and innumeracy.

In their brief to Green Enterprise Solutions, the directorate stated that the Adult Education Information Management System must allow secure storage and retrieval of all information. At the same time, the new system has to reduced the time and effort across multiple offices to generate statistics and reports of the data captured for every individual in all the regions.

Pictured are the staff of Green Enterprise Solutions with the staff members of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, from the Office of the Prime Minister, and from Microsoft Namibia which provided technical support.



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