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Improved Mo Ibrahim ranking

The sixth Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG), released this week,shows that Namibia came 4th out of 12 countries in Southern Africa, and 6th out of 52 overall.
The 2012 IIAG provides full details of Namibia’s performance across four categories of governance: Safety & Rule of Law, Participation & Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development.
Namibia’s performance in the 2012 IIAG:
Namibia scores 70 (out of 100) for overall governance.
Namibia scores higher than the regional average for Southern Africa which is 59.
Namibia scores higher than the continental average which is 51.
Namibia receives its highest score in the Safety & Rule of Law category (78) and its lowest score in the Sustainable Economic Opportunity category (61).
At sub-category level Namibia’s highest rank is in Accountability (4th) and lowest is in Rural Sector (23rd).
Between 2000 and 2011 Namibia’s overall governance score improved.

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