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Renaissance road show kicks off

Managing Director of Prosperity Healthcare Administrators, Callie Schafer,opening the launch programme in Windhoek.

Managing Director of Prosperity Healthcare Administrators, Callie Schafer,opening the launch programme in Windhoek.

Following the huge success of its 2013 product launched in Windhoek earlier this month Renaissance Health Medical Aid will roll out a national road show in eight towns across the country. The road show started this Thursday in Walvis Bay and ends in Rosh Pinah on 15 November 2012.
According to Prosperity Group Director of Development, Johan Struwig, the launch in Windhoek was well attended by existing and prospective clients of Renaissance hence the idea of taking the product to other clients across the country. “Renaissance is the fastest growing medical aid fund in the country and the demand for our services can largely be attributed to our unique product design. We are confident that we will maintain our three-year track record of being the preferred medical aid provider,” Struwig stressed.
Renaissance Health offers a wide range of medical aid options to cater for a variety of all its members’ healthcare needs. “Seven different benefit options are available to our members, starting with the exclusive Elite Care option aimed at our high-income market to the Vital Care option which offers affordable cover through a network of hospitals and doctors.” said Struwig.
The unique product design of Renaissance is underpinned by four objectives which is called the Renaissance product DNA. “The first objective is to offer you utmost peace of mind and security and emphasis is placed on providing you with superior hospital benefits. The second is pro active health, the fund pays for health screening and preventative benefits that protects you and helps prevent and screen illnesses that would otherwise be overlooked,” Struwig said.
Managing Director of Prosperity Healthcare Administrators, Callie Schafer, confirmed that the Namibian Association of Medical Aid Funds tariffs were increased by 7.2% to cover costs of healthcare professionals for 2012 whilst the actual increase in claims cost for the medical industry stood at 14%. “Factors such as the use of new technologies to treat patients, level of utilisation, number of admissions as well as ageing of the funds membership are some of the contributing dynamics associated with the increase of medical aid costs,” Schafer said.
He added however that the track record of Renaissance indicates that contribution increases are contained well below industry norms. “For 2013 the contribution increase of 9.9% is once again within this range.”
Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund currently has over 30,000 members. He said the increase in tariffs is determined by a number of factors amongst others the escalation in all non-healthcare cost as well as increases in fees paid to health professionals and service providers. “One needs to try to find the balance in addressing the interest of all parties,” said Schafer.

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