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Transport strike cut supplies

Dairies MD, Hubertus Hamm

Dairies MD, Hubertus Hamm

Namibia Dairies said the transport strike in South Africa had a serious impact on the production and supply of their products
Namibia Dairies’ Managing Director, Hubertus Hamm said: “We will have stock-outs on some of our carton products in the next few days due to major disruptions in the Durban and Gauteng supply routes. The strike [had] a major impact on our business and the supply of fresh milk in cartons, Oshikandela, Oshitaka and Omaere brands.”
Hamm said that locally produced plastic based products do not pose a risk and Namibia Dairies will move as much production as possible to those product ranges as its capacity permits.  “Wherever necessary, we will fly in critical packaging material at a major cost to our business.  Flight cargo capacity is becoming scarce and this is only an absolute emergency option.  Rest assured that we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure alternative supply routes to receive adequate supply of packaging material”, Hamm said.

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