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Vivo replaces Shell for downstream retail

Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Energy with the Vivo Energy Namibia Management team (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Energy with the Vivo Energy Namibia Management team (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Vivo Energy, the company formed by Vitol, Helios Investment Partners and Shell to distribute and market Shell fuels and lubricants across Africa, has added two new countries to its Group: Botswana and Namibia. Both businesses will use Vivo Energy as the name of their corporate entity, while marketing Shell branded fuels and lubricants. Vivo launched in Namibia earlier this week.
Christian Chammas, CEO of Vivo Energy, said: “Africa is true growth market for energy, and her customers deserve a dedicated, focused energy products and service provider. Over time, we want Vivo  Energy to be known as the most respected energy business in Africa. This means investing in key African markets for long- term sustainable growth and being a leader in safety. For our customers, this means access to the same high quality Shell-branded products but with an even greater focus on the customer experience. For our employees, this means building a culture of performance under African leadership in each country, accountable for local business growth.”
“We are delighted to have joined Vivo Energy,” says Willie Mokgatlhe, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Botswana and Namibia. “Vivo Energy is an ambitious company and is committed to success. Now that Botswana and Namibia are part of Vivo Energy, we can continue our growth strategy and contribute to achieveVivo Energy’s goals.
In a deal first announced on 19 February 2011, Vitol and Helios acquired the majority of Shell’s shareholding in most of it’s downstream business in Africa. Vivo Energy, a Shell Licensee, was established on 01 December 2011 to distribute and market Shell fuels and lubricants and is now present in 12 markets.
Vivo Energy operates in Retail; Commercial Fuels (Marine, Mining and Aviation in partnership with Vitol Aviation); Liquefied Petroleum Gas; Lubricants and Bitumen in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d`Ivoire, Guinea, Mauritius, Madagascar, Morocco, Mali, Namibia, Senegal and Tunisia and has a presence in the aviation sector through the Vitol Aviation brand.
The company now employs around 1,730 people and operates 917 retail stations under the Shell brand and has access to around 1.8 million cubic meters of storage. Shell and Vivo Lubricants have blending capacity of 61,000 metric tonnes at plants in five countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Cote d`Ivoire, Senegal and Guinea) producing Shell brand lubricants.
Vitol and Helios each own 40% of Vivo Energy, with Shell holding the remaining 20%. Shell and Vivo Lubricants is 50% owned by Shell and 50% owned by Vitol and Helios. Shell and Vivo lubricants manufacture and blend Shell branded lubricants. It markets and sells lubricants  through an exclusive Master Distribution Agreements with Vivo Energy companies.

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