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Locals encouraged to consume more fish

Locals encouraged to consume more fish

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine resources Bernhard Esau urged the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) board of trustees to ensure that locals consume more fish.

He said this at the inauguration of the NFCPT board of trustees last week in Walvis Bay. According to Esau, locals consumed an average 13 kilograms of fish per person during the 2016/2017 financial year. The minister wants the amount to increase as Namibia is a major producer of fish.

“The low consumption has contributed to locals missing out on health benefits of eating fish, like omega 3 fatty acids, are found in fish. Some of the key factors that contribute to low fish consumption include lack of access to fish by our people, prohibitively high prices of fish, and sufficient fish eating culture of our people,” said Esau.

The minister wants this to increase so that it can match the global average of 20.4 kilograms per person. This equates to an increase of about 7.4 kilograms per person and about 47,000 metric tonnes of fish sales and donations per year.

“I hereby direct the board of trustees to work with the ministry, and stakeholders to ensure that this target is achieved by 31st of March 2018. We must give meaning to our policy of promotion of fish consumption,” he said.

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting fish consumption within Namibia by making fish more accessible and affordable. (Xinhua).



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