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Team Namibia new campaign

Team Namibia has announced the launch of a new campaign aimed at raising awareness of locally produced products and services.
In collaboration with 99FM and Pick & Pay, the new campaign, ‘Namibia’, will offer Team Namibia members the opportunity to exhibit their products and services at the Auas Valley Shopping Center on Saturday, 24 November 2012.
In addition, members who meet Pick & Pay’s stringent health and safety standards and strict requirements willl also have a listing inside the Auas Valley store for a trial period during the Namibia month.
Speaking at a members meeting in the capital earlier this week Gilbert Botha, Retail Manager at Pick & Pay Namibia said members that don’t qualify for this exhibition will still benefit by gaining useful feedback from a major retailer that will help them improve their products for future consideration by retailers.
At the same occasion, Team Namibia also revealed their revamped website – Key online developments included the launch of an Online Directory for businesses that subscribe to Team Namibia.  This facility enables members to update their profiles online via secure accounts. It enables consumers to search for their preferred Team Namibia suppliers via the Team Namibia website.
Similarly, an e-calendar was launched, giving members the benefit of posting details of their events on the Team Namibia website where it can be viewed by any other person.

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