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Beware of new phishing scam

Bank Windhoek has warned its clients to be vigilant and not to react to a phishing scam targeting its clients.
In the latest scam, an email is sent to unsuspecting clients under the subject “Internet Banking Access Suspended”, through which they are informed that their access to Bank Windhoek’s online banking service has been suspended.
In this mail, the client is requested to visit a website and to enter sensitive and personal information.
The fraudulent mail sent to clients states that: “This is to inform you that your access to our online banking service has been suspended. This was as a result of several multiple sign in attempt failures, recently recorded in our security logs. Reactivate your Online Access. Please restore your online banking access by clicking on the link below. Once you have entered in your correct sign on information, your online access will be reactivated. Please click here to reactivate your online access <>;.”
The bank has asked its clients not to react to these mails, even if they look authentic.
“Bank Windhoek will under no circumstances communicate personal information with clients via email, nor will clients be requested to submit confidential information to the bank. Clients should never click on a link in an email requesting them to update or verify or upgrade their account details. If you are unsure about the validity of an email, delete or ignore the email and contact us as soon as possible to report the email. Bank Windhoek will continue to create awareness on phishing scams to protect our clients from becoming victims,” the bank said in a statement.
Bank Windhoek will not accept responsibility for financial loss if a client has given his personal information out of free will to a fraudster.
If you have received any suspicious e-mails relating to Bank Windhoek, contact the bank’s Electronic Channel Division on Tel: (061) 299 1881, or (061) 299 1882, or alternatively send an email to [email protected].

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