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Medical field employees undergo rigorous leadership training

Medical field employees undergo rigorous leadership training

For the past two years, 40 hospital administrators from different divisions of the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOSS) have gone for leadership training with the African Leadership Institute.

Hennely Doeses from the Windhoek Central Hospital said self discovery was a definite highlight and through that she has been able to lead better. “I wish to follow some of the practical steps, by following the wheel of life, live a balance life, which include emotional wellness, physical health, social responsibility and personal development,” she added.

She explained that she is committed in empowering her juniors and influencing superiors by doing the job well and building strong and better teams to carry out given tasks is now high on her priorities. “The African Leadership training is a blessing and apart from my work place my family life has been transformed as well, seeing as happiness starts at home,” she said.

Benita Mujoro who works at the Kautura Intermediate Hospital said that the training has made her discover that leadership is more about being a servant and in order to be a good leader you must be able to serve those you are leading and not the other way around.

“I feel enriched in all spheres of my life not just as a leader but also as a human being and I believe we are all leaders in,” she added.

The African Leadership has made a difference in the personal and professional lives and performances of its trainees in the medical field.



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