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Windhoek Country Club final product worth the time – GM

Windhoek Country Club final product worth the time – GM

After 14 months to complete the refurbishments at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort, General Manager, Tony Boucher last week was proud to unveil the new, modern and upgraded facilities.

“Over the past period the entire foyer, Oryx Conference Centre, Cocktail Bar, Kokerboom Restaurant and Terrace, and all the bedrooms had undergone a major refurbishment and we are proud of the product that all guests can now experience,” he said

According to Boucher the Casino Cocktail Bar had also undergone an upgrade and they are constantly upgrading with new technology in this area.

“The complete project took longer than anticipated because of the planned sequence of the refurbishment, coupled with high occupancies and the fact that we wanted to inconvenience our guests as little as possible. However, the final product we believe was worth the extra time spent as our rooms now boast technologically advanced TV sets and modernised bathroom facilities,” he added.

In addition to all the updates, the WCCR is particularly proud of the newly installed solar panels on the rooftop which will no doubt save on costs going forward whilst upholding our commitment to a greener environment. The investment will take approximately 3-5 years to pay itself.

Boucher added that in order to keep up with the latest trends and technology in the Hospitality industry, it was necessary to update facilities every 5 to 7 years. In addition, he added that feedback from guests had been extremely positive amidst the Resort running high occupancies mainly from South African corporates and visitors from Europe, Asia and USA.

“We aim to remain at the forefront of anticipating and exceeding our guests’ evolving needs and we constantly strive to maintain our position of most trusted quality hotel in Namibia,” concluded Boucher.



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