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This Week in The Khuta – Love doesn’t cost a thing!

Lately, word on the street is that women who constantly manipulate their significant others into giving them money and spending on them should watch their backs as some men are out to get revenge. With recent reports on the violence committed against women by their lovers, many women now fear for their lives, especially if they attempt or have successfully ended the relationships with their former boyfriends or husbands.
Being in a relationship nowadays for women is consequently a two way situation – you either dump your boyfriend and risk being hacked with a panga (machete) or choose to be in a trapped relationship, pretty much like in a spider web were there is no way out. Abusive relationships seem to be a norm in Namibia as many women who have attempted to end their relationships with their partners claim to have been physically or verbally abused by their men.
Some men however claim to be manipulated by their partners and had spent exuberant amounts on shopping sprees, paid their partners’ school fees as well as rent. The content of a letter that is assumed to be a suicide note, currently circulating the gossip circuit, is chilling. Apparently written by a lover who killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide, it reveals shocking details about how the woman had “chopped” his money and left him dry for another man. This was the confession by the killer why he had committed the dreadful crime.
I recently took a taxi home where the driver was complaining about how “City Girls” were obsessed with material things and tend to “gold dig’ on men for their money. He told me of his predicament about his girlfriend who constantly asked him for large amounts of money. He eventually had to dump her because he couldn’t afford to maintain her expensive lifestyle. “Imagine, she would ask me for N$800 every week, for what?” the taxi driver questioned.
According to the driver, most women only liked men for their money and cars. One middle aged woman chipped in the conversation and informed the taxi driver that he wasn’t obliged to give money to his girlfriend if he felt she was only after his money. “You men also entice women with your money, thinking that if you bragged about how much money you had in your bank account the girl would like you more. So don’t blame the poor girls if they fall in love with your wallet!” she exclaimed. The woman added that men who killed their lovers because of rejection are total cowards and should be locked up for life. “ Giving someone money doesn’t mean you own them, simply ask your money back if you think you want it back or be a man and take the rejection as a lesson learnt,” the woman concluded before hopping off the taxi.
While not condoning violence against women or any other form of violence, I personally think that people should learn to work hard in order to earn their own money and not having to rely on some one else to buy Brazilian hair extensions or take one for a shopping excursion. Most importantly, let us as women learn to be happy and content with what we have.

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