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Brahman national auction and symposium slated for next week

Brahman national auction and symposium slated for next week

The Namibian Brahman Breeders Association will hold their national auction and symposium on 25 October at the Agra-BankWindhoek Ring in Windhoek.

This year’s symposium is under the theme ‘Management practices for increased profit’ and the auction is not a production auction but also gives the opportunity to breeders who are not very long involved in stud breeding to market their animals.

According to the organisors, the marketed animals should comply to the minimum standards of the auction and this year it will also the first time that semen of approved stud bulls will be offered.

Speakers at the symposium will be Dr Mike Fair (University of Free State) who will talk about generic parameters, of types and production for Namibian Brahman, Peter Zensi, a commercial farmer will talk about herd management under extensive farming practices, and Dr Jasper Coetzee who is a Vet and will talk about optimal rumen management of beef cattle.

Lastly, Dr Martin Ferreira, also a Vet, will talk about factors which influence semen quality of bulls. The symposium starts at 10:00 and the auction at 13:00.



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