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Helping eliminate gender violence one couple at a time

Helping eliminate gender violence one couple at a time

Staying true to their mission, which is to help and involve both genders in the fight against violence with the ultimate aim to eliminate gender violence altogether, the Monica Gender Violence Solution (MGVS) organisation recently helped a couple in need of counselling.

Petronella Namushinga, Secretary of the organisation said last week they counselled a couple [names with held] and during the counselling session they learned that the woman is being abused physically and emotionally.

We talked to both of them about how to stay away from creating violence in their relationship and also advised the man about the dangers of drinking and what damage alcohol can do, and they both seemed to received the information we gave them and process it to make changes in their lives,” she explained.

But unfortunately they found out that it was not going so well for the couple because the woman went back for counselling and complained of the same problems that she still experiences.

The councillors at the organisation called both parties back and made a final decision for them to put the wedding on hold, which was scheduled for November and that the man should go through their re-habitation programmes and maybe their relationship can grow from there.

We advise the couple not to get married when there are pending violence issues and therefore this must be reported to our organization so that the responsible partner will be taken through our re-habitation program,” said Petronella.

She also advised that violence in cohabitation relationships must also be reported to the organisation so that they can act on them as soon as possible.

MGVS was founded by Shaanika Nashilongo who named the organisation after First Lady Madam Monica Geingos because of her impressive focus in identifying the root causes of violence and eliminating it.

Caption: Monica Gender Violence Solution (MGVS) organisation, Secretary, Petronella Namushinga

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