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Research miracle as Mirabilis sails into Maribilis marine research project

Research miracle as Mirabilis sails into Maribilis marine research project

Three academic institutions have come together to launch a new project that will solely focus on marine research, maritime engineering and maritime education. Integrated into the project’s overall framework, will be the RV Mirabilis, the dedicated marine research vehicle built by STX Finland, sailing under the Namibian flag.

Earlier this week the Finnish Embassy in Windhoek announced it will launch the Maribilis project on Wednesday evening at a ceremony where the nuts and bolts of the cooperation between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Finland, the University of Namibia and the Namibia University of Science and Technology, will be explained. A fourth partner is the Namibia Fisheries and Maritime Institute.

The Maribilis project aims to develop competencies in maritime education within the higher education level of Namibia. The ultimate goal is to reinforce the Namibian economy by growing economic opportunities in fisheries and the wider blue economy.

The Faculty of Logistics and Maritime Technology at Satakunta University , together with its Namibian partners, intends to conduct research on the Research Vessel Mirabilis, drawing on its unique technical capabilities. The ship will be utilized as a living laboratory for continuous advanced marine research, which is deemed critical for the sustainability of the Namibian fishing industry.

The Maribilis projects follows two earlier collaborative research projects both intended to develop local maritime research capability.

“Finland is known for its world leading maritime technology as well as maritime education, and the Namibian people and her government have recognized these qualities. Namibia and Finland have several bilateral agreements and the Maribilis project is in-line with these. The project is also aligned with the objectives of the Finnish development policy. Maribilies will support not only the maritime cluster of Namibia, but also the fields of fisheries and logistics by promoting the creation and preservation of sustainable jobs in these sectors” said the Finnish Embassy when announcing the project launch.



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