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Anti-poaching organisation gets financial boost for projects

Anti-poaching organisation gets financial boost for projects

The Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP) received N$200,000 from the First National Bank Foundation Trust in support of the day to day operational costs and contributes to past and current projects which ISAP is undertaking.

The projects ISAP is undertaking are in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, as part of its anti-poaching and environmental objectives.

“One of ISAP’s most successful projects has been the relocation of 11 lions to the Khaudum National Park, made possible only through the funding support from FNB,” Tinus Hansen, Director Operations and Marketing at ISAP said.

The organisation has also recently taken on two intelligence experts, on a full-time basis to roll out an information gathering network throughout Namibia and will include overt and clandestine sources.

“This type of expertise comes at a great cost, which makes the support from organisations such as FNB Namibia of even greater importance. Once this network of informants has been established, ISAP will be the leading anti-poaching NGO in Namibia with the ability to provide the Namibian authorities and any other organisations with anti-poaching as their directive, with usable information (intelligence) in the fight against poaching,” Hansen said.

“Unfortunately, we are aware of the poaching which has been a threat to the rhino in recent years. Namibia has experienced an alarming increase in the poaching of the Rhino. We know that our support will assist the great people of ISAP to continue their hard work,” Revonia Kahivere, Corporate Social Investment Manager at FNB said.



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