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Okombahe elderly receive food parcels from a son of the soil

Okombahe elderly receive food parcels from a son of the soil

Over 260 households in the Daures Constituency of Okombahe received food hampers valued at N$110 000, courtesy of corporate executive Tim Ekandjo, earlier this week

Speaking at the occasion, Chairperson of the Erongo Regional Council, Hafeni Ndemula said,“I would like to thank Tim Ekandjo, for not forgetting his community of Okombahe, for coming back to plough back and help the elders in the month of International Elders Month. Okombahe and the Daures constituency is one of the poorest, and donations of this kind helps the community. Harambee does not only call on government to assist, but also individuals.”

Ekandjo said being a student at Martin Luther High School (MLH) brings back very fond memories of Okombahe because they regarded Okombahe as their capital city after Omaruru.

“I have not visited Okombahe since 1997 when I matriculated from MLH, and I wanted to do something special for the elders,” Ekandjo said, speaking at the handing over ceremony.

One of the elders thanked Ekandjo and his family for gesture, she said.“Times are really hard and food is expensive, we are so grateful for this present from this young man, we really enjoyed ourselves today with the meat and the food and still went home with a parcel of food that will keep us going for the next 2 months at least, may the Lord bless you and your family to replenish for what you have so graciously gave to us,” said

“It is amazing to come back, years after I completed my high school here in the area, to notice that the community elders lovingly still hold the place dear to their hearts, in fact if need be I am calling on all my fellow MLH Alumni to pull efforts together to give back to the communities in the surrounding, because it was their love and nurture of this many elders that kept us going – despite us being hundreds of kilometres away from our homes. This elders were our parents during those years and deserve better,” he added.


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