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Awards are good for development

DBN CEO David Nuyoma discusses the innovations of the DBN award winners and how they shape the future.
The winners of the good business awards were an eye-opener. Allow me to qualify that. The entries were scrutinised and rated by a panel of judges from within the Development Bank of Namibia.
The entrants all show that hard work and perseverance pay off. The enterprises that came before the panel showed all the hallmarks of these qualities. The entries were scored on a matrix of factors which are in line with the mandate of the bank. Broadly put, the panel gave scores to employment, broad-based economic empowerment (BBEE), management aspects and impact on development. Most of the entries scored well on the first three factors.
Judging by the winners, impact on development was the tie-breaker. Looking deeper, the runners up and the winners all had one thing in common: whether a large company or an SME, each of them show how the country can or has been shaped. In other words their operations have changed Namibia for the better.

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