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Barley sprout grown in six days

Heinrich Lesch with a sprout feed of barley grown in the fodder container (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Heinrich Lesch with a sprout feed of barley grown in the fodder container (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Fodder Solutions has perfected a patented system of growing sprouted grain to provide green high quality livestock feed. Established in Australia, the company has self contained sprouting units which are manufactured in Cape Town then distributed in Africa. The franchise has been operating in Namibia for the past five years, with one fodder based in Omaruru.
The system is a hydroponic growing room that has been specifically developed to sprout grain and legume seeds, for highly nutritious, yet cost effective livestock feed.Using barley seeds grown in only six days, the feeds make a climate controlled growing chamber to meet every farming need
A selection of grains and legume seeds are spread onto the specialized growing trays and are watered at predetermined intervals with overhead sprays. A set temperature is maintained inside the growing chamber to ensure the best growth and highest nutritional value fodder possible. According to Heinrich Lesch, Namibia’s agent for Fodder Solutions, the digestibility of barley seeds increases from 20% to 80% when grown in the fodder rooms.
“Each day you simply slide the feed out of the trays, rinse the tray, reseed and push the newly seeded tray into the other end of the system. The system holds enough trays to ensure you produce your desired and nominated amount of feed every day,” he said. Feed-quality barley germinates within 24 hours of seeding. “It’s simply a concept of work smarter, not harder”, Heinrich emphasised.
The fodder container does not require soil or fertilizer and contain their own springer systems to wet the seeds for ten seconds. The seeds are imported from South Africa and contain about 20% protein and 12 % mg of energy. According to Heinrich, the fodder container runs 24 hours and uses 1 kilowatt of power. He says that 1 kilogram of seeds can produce 6 kilogram of feeds. “No human intervention is needed. All the seeds are pure organic and can use any type of water,” Heinrich added.
“The sprout mat is completely edible and highly nutritious as it is a living food. The animals will eat the entire mat, roots and green growth, so there is no waste,” Heinrich says. He assures that the fodder solution is healthy and contains no preservatives. The fodder containers, with all the materials included, are sold at N$62 000 per unit and are environmentally friendly as they produce low carbon. “If you are serious about feeding your animals, you can’t afford not to have a Fodder Solutions System,” Heinrich added.

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