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Financial Inclusion Survey to be split into two phases

Financial Inclusion Survey to be split into two phases

The Namibia Statistics Agency and the Bank of Namibia, in collaboration with FinMark Trust of South Africa, will conduct the 4th Namibia Financial Inclusion Survey to collect information on financial needs, access to financial service preferences and financial behaviours of the people of Namibia.

The survey which was launched this week, will not cover all households in Namibia, according to the Statistician General, Alex Shimuafeni.

Shimuafeni said the survey will be divided into two phases: 1st Phase: Listing phase that will be conducted from 02 to 24 October and the 2nd Phase: Interview phase that will be conducted from 24 October to 13 November in all 14 regions in selected households.

He said the survey will be conducted only on the selected households in a random sample that will be aided by the use of Geographic Information System data. “The survey will be conducted through face-to-face interviews that will be administered by Namibia Statistics Agency staff,” he added.

Meanwhile he said that conducting the survey successfully depends on public participation and playing their part.

“The emphasis is on full participation in this survey. The nation is urged not to refuse to participate in this survey. As such, it is a violation of the Statistics Act 9 of 2011, which empowers the agency to collect information for statistical purposes. The act protects the confidentiality of each individual’s information. It is not only our duty to participate as citizens but also our duty to enable Namibia to have sound information on which crucial policy decisions can be made,” he said.

The findings of the survey will be used to evaluate effectively and monitor the progress made specifically with regard to financial inclusion. Most importantly it will provide up-to-date data on access to and usage of financial services and products.

The 2017 round of the survey is the 4th time such a survey is conducted in Namibia and the first to be conducted by the statistics agency. Previous surveys were conducted by FinMark Trust and coordinated by the Bank of Namibia.



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