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Kazenambo’s shameful behaviour

Dear sir,
The behaviour of Minister Kazenambo Kazenambo was shameful. I personally felt  deeply ashamed of him – again. It is not necessary to go into detail here; the nation knows exactly what happened.
It is sufficient to say that his ‘temperament’ makes him unfit for his position; it makes him unfit for any public position. His ill manners make Namibia look like a banana republic in the eyes of the world. And it is his openly demonstrated disregard of our Namibian constitution that make him look as a highly dangerous racialist.
Any man or woman, who swore to uphold our constitution, to protect it and the country and then does what he did has to take his hat or, failure to do that, has to be dismissed by the president immediately. What he did, hurt the sincerity of all our leadership!
This is not something we could or should overlook. It is not the first time he went ‘berserk’. It happened many times. There is no cure for his ‘illness’; he simply has to go.
Namibian voter

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