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‘Bling’ competition to promote the value chain of local gems

‘Bling’ competition to promote the value chain of local gems

The best jewellery artisans in the country will be judged by the public during the Namibian Gemstone and Jewellery showcase event at the Safari Hotel Windhoek conference Centre on 12 October and the ten best entries are to be announced on 13 October.

The competition themed “Namibian Coloured Gemstone Jewellery”, was launched in July by the Jewellers Association of Namibia’s (JASSONA) and is open to any manufacturing jeweller in the country.

The number of entries is limited to three jewellery pieces per enterprise and the last date of submission before judgement is 6 October.

According to the organisers the competition is aimed at promoting the value chain of Namibian gems and minerals, thus the jewellery pieces must include gemstones mined in Namibia and preferably ennobled (cut & polished) in the country.

The ten best jewellery pieces which will be chosen on 13 October will become part of a “Namibian coloured Gemstone Jewellery selection” which will be marketed and promoted over the next two years.

The organisers said members of the public are invited to judge the competition pieces and every judge will enter into a lucky draw with the first price being a Namibian mined and polished gemstone.

Small scale miners, gemstone cutters and traders and jewellers will also display and sell their products.

JASSONA wants to create awareness that more needs to be done to keep Namibian mined and unprocessed gemstones in the country for the purpose of beneficiation,” the association added.


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