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We will not sell groceries on credit – Pick n Pay Namibia

We will not sell groceries on credit – Pick n Pay Namibia

Pick n Pay (PnP) Namibia said it will not be joining PnP South Africa by offering its customers the opportunity to buy groceries on credit.

PnP South Africa announced this week that due to the current economic condition its country is in, it will offer qualifying customers the opportunity to buy food on credit. However, the local franchise said it will not be providing credit facilities to its customers at this stage.

The retailer said that it acknowledges that innovation and the adoption of new technologies are key to remaining a market leader and are cognizant that our customers are all feeling the effects of the current economic crisis, but that it cannot take the step just yet.

“Although PnP Namibia is carrying the name of our South African counterpart, Ohlthaver and List is the holding company of Pick n Pay Namibia and owns the business as a Franchisee. This means that as a franchisee of Pick n Pay South Africa we are enabled to carry out specified commercial activities, applicable to the Namibian market,” PnP Namibia Marketing Manager, Victoria Moller said.

However, in view of the current economic pressure, the retailer said it offers its customers weekly specials and a 5% Pensioners Discount on Wednesdays.

“In addition, we have the Budget Saver Meals that offer customers cost effective meal options for the whole family,” PnP Namibia said.



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