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Meroro calls it a day after 25 years in the banking fraternity

Meroro calls it a day after 25 years in the banking fraternity

After spending 25 years in the banking industry, Ehrenfried Meroro recently said it was time for him to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labour, as well as pave way for the youth.

Meroro will leave office at Standard Bank Namibia officially on 29 September. During his tenure at Standard Bank founded and successfully headed the Risk Management department served at the blue bank for 14 years and also previously worked at the Bank of Namibia for 11 years.

I will surely miss my colleagues and all the staff of Standard Bank that I have directly interacted with. I am seeing a bank that is gearing itself to becoming a formidable force in the future and that is very exciting for me,” said Meroro.

Meroro holds both a Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters of Science Degree in Economics from the North Carolina A&T State University in the United States of America.

All I can say is that Standard Bank is just a piece of paper in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. What gives the Blue Bank character is the people, therefore we should leave the values of the bank both at work and in our private lives. Standard Bank has a culture that is caring while managing risk appropriately. I feel that I belong to a big family of Standard Bank employees across the continent,” added Meroro.

Although relaxing on his farm and enjoying his retirement on the books for the first few months, he said he was adamant to do some academic work, particularly in the area of human development potential.

Always remember that an event plus your response to it equals an outcome. The youth are responsible for their outcomes in life, they can’t blame anyone. They need to equip themselves with the skills for positive outcomes,” he said, parting with a few words of wisdom for the youth.

Vetumbuavi Mungunda, Chief Executive Officer at Standard Bank hailed Meroro for dedicating over a decade to the bank and stressed that his contributions would continue to be significant to the bank.

He was undoubtedly a valuable employee who executed his work with great passion, excellence and commitment. Ehrenfried also laid a sustainable foundation in risk and fraud management as well as implementing effective business resilience policies for our stakeholders. On behalf of the Standard Bank Leadership team, I wish to thank him for his commitment and contribution to Standard Bank and wish him well in his future endeavours,” Mungunda said.



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