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Get new wheels at prime less 1.75% at the Windhoek Show

Get new wheels at prime less 1.75% at the Windhoek Show

WesBank asset financiers is the first financial institution to come out of the block for the Windhoek Show that starts this Friday, 29 September.

Earlier this week, the bank announced it will have a prominent presence at the show to assist the many vehicle dealers with finance applications on the spot.

Harriet Reed, WesBank’s New Business Manager invited all Namibians in need of a car or bakkie to come shop with their eyes and then to complete the application at the dealer’s stand once they found the set of wheels they fancy.

“WesBank will again be part of the upcoming Windhoek Agricultural and Industrial Show 2017 and will offer the best vehicle financing deals from now until 31 October”, said Reed.

“WesBank’s latest special offer includes a discounted interest rate of up to prime minus 1.75%; up to 30% balloon payments and up to three months payment holiday” Reed said to help convince prospective buyers who need just a little encouragment.

If a new buyer’s application for vehicle finance is approved before 31 October that person is automatically entered for a lucky draw to get 11 months insurance covered by the bank.

“For many people who start working, owning a vehicle is the first big step to freedom. Times are tough and we hope to make it easier to fulfil your dream of owning a car” he said.



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