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New prosthetic foot and shoe return maimed boy to normal life

New prosthetic foot and shoe return maimed boy to normal life

A young Tsumeb boy who lost his right foot in a fire, last week took his first steps on a new prosthetic foot through the collaboration of an insurance company, a Windhoek lodge, and the orthopaedic surgeon.

At the age of seven, Godfried Siwombe survived the fire which killed his mother, aunt and sibling when lightning struck their home in Tsumeb.

The little that remained of his foot healed but several years later, Godfried was still hobbling along on the stump, his foster family unable to pay for any advanced medical care.

His pligth came to the attention to Hollard Insurance who arranged for Godfried to travel to Windhoek where he consulted Dr Norman Campbell of Advance Orthopaedics Namibia. More goodwill came from Arebbusch Travel Lodge where Godfried and his aunt stayed for free but the biggest surprise was when Dr Campbell offered his treatment also for free.

This collective generosity opened a new door in Godfried’s life. Great was his joy when he fit his custom-made prosthetic boot, complete with a pair of new Pumas. The feeling that he can now perambulate like a normal child was something he had to get used to.

Godfried will remain under the supervision of Dr Campbell as he grows. The prosthetic foot and boot will have to be replaced from time to time but the sponsoring partners have all indicated their willingness to help him to maturity.

In the picture, Godfried Siwombe’s right foot is inspected by Dr Campbell prior to fitting a new prosthetic shoe giving him the freedom to run around like any other child. The prosthesis will be replaced as the boy grows. (Photograph by Fotografika)



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