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Local designer launches first luxury hat collection worldwide

Local designer launches first luxury hat collection worldwide

Local designer, Ennio Hamutenya released his very first collection of luxury headwear, multiple variations of the iconic and much loved Fedora, this month.

Namibian born and bred, Hamutenya revived the classic fedora without losing the hat’s classic aesthetic. The tweaks made to the classic silhouette by LORD EMH make a unique and distinct statement to style. This revival perfectly captures the essence of modernity, making it ideal for fans of fedoras and hats in general.

Using only the finest fabrics from a traditional factory, the hats are created in Florence, Italy. Steeped in craftmanship and respecting millinery techniques, the hats are an ode to a bygone era and superior level of quality.

The beautifully made soft 100% rabbit felt pieces, lined with hand dyed 100% silk lining and raw edge finish are available in four distinct shapes and colours.

The fashion label, LORD EMH started by self-taught and fashion lover, Hamutenya, has something to appeal to all tastes. His mission was to create something that’s never been seen before, something that will always be recognised.

What makes the hats even more unique and clearly shows the deep local roots of their designer, Hamutenya, is the trademark “The burn”, (it’s a natural burn that covers approximately 10 cm width of the back, left corner of each hat).

The burn lends an extra level of uniqueness to the hat and comes from the ancient Oshiwambo tradition Ekala po lupale. A Namibian tradition that honours the Alpha of the village or tribe. By keeping a fire lit in the village at all times when an Alpha male or female is present, you are acknowledging their power and presence. When a man or a woman wears the LORD EMH fedora, they are embracing their style and own power.

Hamutenya believes everyone seeks power in their own way and his collection embraces this. This fire is a symbol of protection, unity and power. Mirrored in the hat collection by a simple but powerful natural burn on the border of each hat and is Ennio’s homage to his homeland and that of his ancestors.

The brand’s ambition is to evolve into a fully-fledged international luxury fashion brand specialising in timeless creations that will always be in style. While at the same time demonstrating that although Namibia is a country with a small population, its culture and heritage is something that it can contribute to the world.

The brand LORD EMH will hopefully serve as a vanguard for other ambitious Namibians who are not afraid to take a risk and take destiny and success in their own hands,” he said.

The hat has always been my favourite piece in my wardrobe. If I had to pick only one piece when I get dressed in the morning, it would definitely be a hat, particularly the Fedora. It is a classic and timeless piece. A hat can is the only accessory that can completely change an outfit. The Fedora never goes out of style; it always finds a way back to our hearts and wardrobes,” he concluded.

The hats are unique, exclusive and come in four distinct styles, each of which can be viewed on the website,


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