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On board FNB

FNB Namibia recently finalised the third induction programme for 2012 for new recruits at the Group. According to Head of Human Resources, Andreas Mwoombola the purpose of the induction is to introduce newly recruited employees to the FNB Group, its strategy, values, structure and the various operations of the Group by creating a platform for the business units to share information of the nature of their businesses and how it fits into the Group. This in turn gives the new employees the opportunity to understand where they fit into the Group.
“It is our experience that staff is proud to be associated with the FNB family and this is cemented by the week-long on-boarding programme,” said Mwoombola
Human Resource Consultant Innocentia Gei-khoibes said that the induction programme creates an understanding of the corporate culture and the overall framework in which the FNB Group operates. 

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