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Experience quality at the Windhoek Show

Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Showground Society.

Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Showground Society.

For the first time since its inception 58 years ago, the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural show has received the highest number of registered animals which exceed the show’s available capacity in the small and medium livestock section.
According to Harald Schmidt, Executive Vice President of the Windhoek Showground Society, due to this extra ordinary development, the Windhoek Show organisers had to move the small livestock to new mobile pens while the large livestock is going to make use of the Agra/Bank Windhoek auction facility pens.
He said another remarkable event is the 7 a side soccer tournament for the animal handlers which is sponsored by Bank Windhoek.

“These people care for the animals here on a 24/7 basis, in the past very little has been done in terms of their own enjoyment and so Bank Windhoek came up with this bright idea to let us launch a tournament for them that will start the first Sunday, when this tournament will be launched,” he said.
He further said some of the other firsts at the show this year is various National Championships hosted in the live stock section for the indigenous goats sector such as the the Persian Sheep and the Kalahari Reds in the small stock sector and Simbra in the large stock sector as well as a special hall linked to a special edition career expo as part of the show where presentations will be made by the various participants or exhibitors.
He added that the success of the career expo which started last year with a health and beauty expo which was driven by a very renowned training school, Shadonai Beauty School was overwhelming.
“We basically got the idea to try a career expo because we have tertiary institutions that are always exhibiting with us. It would make sense if we can now ground them together and give interested persons especially school leavers the opportunity to avail or to get to know more information of the career option they may have considered but do not have certainty of,” he said.
He also said for the first time in the last seven years all outside stands are occupied while halls are filled with an eccess of 400 exhibitors on the commercial side plus those on the agricultural side for the livestock section. An eccess of 600 exhibitors will participant in this years show.
International exhibitors come from as far as the UK, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia. Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Items on sale include furniture, deco, arts as well as energy products.
“We are expecting very very high, if not the highest quality of show stands that we’ve had in a very very long time, so from a quality point of view the visitor will definitely not be disappointed. This remark that the Windhoek Show can be equated to a China market can definitely not be justified. Those who still use that phrase have definitely proved that they have not been to the show the last three years but I am very confident that this year we will have a very high standard of exhibitors,” he said.
He also stated that although 90 000 visitors are expected to visit the show, success is not measured by the number of people who attend it but how much turn over the exhibitors have made, how much networking took place and how much after sales they expect.
He indicated that City Police will be doing all the guarding and doing all the security on the grounds while all the exhibitors who will require additional security for their protection can source those in from private security companies.
“On the exhibitors as well as the public level all the security that has been thought of has been arranged. We are confident from a security point of view every visitor and every exhibitor can feel safe during the duration of the show,” he said.
The Show starts this Friday, 28 September and is expected to end 06th October, the official opening will take place on 04th October and will be officiated by His Excellency President Hifikepunye Pohamba.


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