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This Week in The Khuta – It’s all about accountability

I was bitterly disturbed by the reports of the baby boy that was found dumped in a bag in the Havana area two weeks ago. But praises to the Almighty that he was well and alive. Can you imagine what could have happened if nobody had passed by on time? The innocent baby could have been eaten and torn apart (alive) by dogs. The way you see wild dogs eating other animals on discovery channel, that’s what would have happened to that new-born baby. The most recent incident in the north is even more horrifying. The young mother was indeed brave to apologise publicly but her reasons do not justify her act.
There are reports of baby dumping in the media almost, if not every day, and these are supposed to serve as an eye-opener, but we still continue executing inhumane acts. Do we simply turn a blind eye? And I’m talking specifically to women. What’s becoming of us? Murderers? Are we now Cains? Yes, I’m very furious. I’m agitated by the actions of some people who after murdering their own flesh and blood still have the audacity to call themselves women.

Recent research by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other stakeholders revealed that on average, forty new-born babies are discovered dumped every month, and that’s only in Windhoek. How shocking the statistics will be should we count the whole country, I’ll leave the thinking to you. Oh, here comes my favourite part. The most famous reason for baby dumping, according to this research is that the father or sperm donor rather, because no man that denies his child is worthy to be called a father, denied the baby. So what? Will the baby’s heart stop beating if the father leaves? Does the end justify the means? There are so many centres that are always willing to take in unwanted babies, especially around Windhoek where most of these acts are committed. Rather drop the baby there than in a latrine or even worse feed it to dogs.
The Swapo Party Youth League recently proposed for condoms to be availed to schools, with the intention of reducing teenage pregnancies and the spread of HIV/Aids. Now the question is; will this really solve the problem? Will it result in the reduction of baby dumping? Frankly speaking, I don’t think so. I personally believe that this will only encourage teens to engage in sexual activities, and let us not forget that the first step of something always leads to curiosity and exploration, which will eventually lead to unprotected sex. The fact that we already permit pregnancies on school grounds, availing condoms just adds a cherry on top of the cake for sex. You may be shaking your head thinking I’m too explicit, but this is the reality and it’s about time we face it. Which brings me to the issue of abortion. Most would argue that it should be legalised to put an end to these atrocities. But what would legalising abortion say about us as a Christian society? Whether it’s two weeks or two months, as long as it has a life, it’s murder!
We are living in an economically harsh era. An era marked by staggering prices eventually leading to poverty, with the financially disadvantaged mostly feeling the pinch. And it’s shocking to know that there are still families with more children than they can feed. And what do they do when hunger strikes, blame the government. Did the government tell you to give birth like a Casper loaded with dozens of bombs? No! The farthest the government can help in this case is avail family planning contraceptives and education on their usage and benefits, which I believe it has done or continues to do. The rest is up to us- society members to make use of them. I’m very certain they do not bite. And for those men who comfort themselves with the cowardly excuse that contraceptives are the responsibility of women, ‘men up’ and get involved! It’s your responsibility just as much.
Until next time, au revoir!


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