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Armstrong Construction-changing dynamics of trading in Kavango

Docky Olavi receiving the award from Deputy Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein

Docky Olavi receiving the award from Deputy Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein

In 2010, two entrepreneurs, Docky Olavi and Mathew Hungamo saw the need to establish a local brick manufacturing plant that would supply the residents of Rundu with bricks from their own region. Previously, contractors in Rundu sourced bricks from Tsumeb, about 300 kilometres and 4 hours away.
The plant is located in the Kapako Constituency, 10 kilometres outside Rundu and manufactures super bricks, interlocks, hallow bricks, kerbs and also supplies building sand. Armstrong supplies the Kavango and Caprivi Regions and also has a market in Southern Angola. Ohorongo Cement is the main supplier of Armstrong Construction.
Armstrong Construction has changed the dynamics of trading in the Kavango Region through its effective, efficient equipment and modes of transport and has a competitive advantage in terms of production and quality. Additionally, the plant is located in the second biggest town in the country, which also serves as a link for trade and future expansion to neighbouring countries, such as Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
The brick manufacturing plant employs 46 people on its site, comprising of 26 permanent staff and 20 casual employees. The project has brought a competitive dynamic to the area, and has made the accessibility of bricks easier and cheaper for residents in the town and neighbouring areas. According to Docky Olavi, co-owner of the plant, plans are on the way to set up plants in other towns.
Through its dedication, Armstrong Construction received an award at the recent inaugural Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) Good Business Award ceremony, where it was runner up in the Large Entreprises category. “The business was started with a goal to grow and to make it a success so with that we are always reminded to do what is in our business plan. This is the first big business owned by people from Kavango region, that make us a good example to other residents of the region that we can also do things on our own,” said Olavi.
Armstrong Construction was granted a loan from Development Bank of Namibia which the company used to cover operational costs in the start up phase of the project. The plant also bought a semi automatic machine, a dredger to pull sand, a front end loader, a tipper truck and loading truck for its deliveries.
Although the plant is yet to make its mark in the brick construction market, Olavi is confident that Armstrong Construction will achieve its expectations. “We are looking forward to being the biggest supplier of concrete material in Namibia, “ he said enthusiastically.

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